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Coface EasyLiner

Coface's solution to prevent and cover non-payment risks for your invoices, in Croatia and internationally

Your advantages
  • Extensive risk prevention  
  • 100% on-line  - only a few simple clicks for securing your trade 
  • Swift indemnification 
  • Debt collection of unpaid invoices
  • Opt-out clause in first 30 days
Designed for small and medium companies, EasyLiner protects you against unpaid invoices with the minimum fuss, while keeping an eye on your budget, in only a few simple clicks.
Supported by EasyLiner:
  • You will be able to improve your credit policy at both domestic and export market. This will help you to grow safely;
  • You will not waste time and energy in debt collection activities and will be able to use your resources in a better way;
  • You will get access to new market opportunities as you will be secure in developing your business in new countries and attracting new clients.

Coface EasyLiner
EasyLiner helps you to:
  • Enhance the quality of your balance sheet by protecting one of your largest assets from unforeseen loss;
  • Secure better borrowing terms;
  • Access to more working capital facilities from your bank by assigning the insurance policy to your bank as security.
Easyliner is credit insurance for companies with turnover on deferred payment up to 5M EUR
EasyLiner is an insurance package to protect you against unpaid invoices at home or abroad.
The package includes three essential elements to ensure effective management of the credit you grant to your customers:Information:
  • Information: Coface analyzes each of your buyer and prevents you from trading with bad payers
  • Collection of unpaid invoices: Coface international network of skilled debt collectors will use effective and appropriate techniques to collect the unpaid invoices, while preserving the quality of your relationships with your customer.
  • Indemnification: Should collection take too long or fail, Coface indemnifies the loss you incurred form unpaid invoices.

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