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2014 Activity report

2014 Activity report

Jean-Marc Pillu:

Our IPO (Euronext, Paris) on 27 June 2014 was a success, confirmed subsequently on 22 December by Coface's listing on the SBF 120 index. Its success proved that investors recognise the soundness of our Strong Commitment strategic plan, our governance, and the quality of our results in recent years. The opening up of our capital has allowed us to diversify our share ownership and to reflect the Group's international dimension.


It has also strengthened our visibility on the market.

Internally the IPO was also well-received:
a significant number of employees seized this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment and confidence in the Group’s future by becoming shareholders. I am particularly proud of their participation.

Over the year we reviewed our commercial strategy, which is now based on three major pillars of innovation(...)

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