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Coface, for safer trade

Coface, for safer trade
Coface - expert in risk management

For nearly 70 years Coface, a world leader in credit insurance, has been helping to make businesses durable and contributing to the creation of sustainable wealth worldwide. In close partnership with our 50,000 client companies, our employees advise at every stage of their business life cycle, helping to anticipate and evaluate their risks and helping them make the right decisions .Contribute to the development of sustainable prosperity. This allows 4,300 employees in 66 countries within the Group as well as representative offices in over 200 countries.
In Central Europe, we offer credit management and trade receivables financing services in addition to our credit insurance products and services. These services are available separately or combined with credit insurance. Companies that do not yet have credit insurance policies can use our receivables collection network thanks to a targeted line of products.
Through our network of branch offices and associates, and in co-ordination with our Head Office in Vienna, we offer a wide range of services throughout the region. We bring our unique risk expertise and experience to help identify opportunities and meet the special needs of this growing market.
Coface Croatia and its parent company in Vienna, Austria are part of the French Coface Group.

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