Our Human Ressources

Present around the world, Coface's experts embody our values and credit insurance expertise

Joining Coface means becoming part of an international company and participating in our quest for excellence to secure companies' business and development. It also involves being an integral part of the country's economy: with operations in the four corners of the world, Coface's experts need to absorb the local culture in order to earn our customers' trust.
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The four commitments of our HR policy

The four commitments of our HR policy


At Coface, all new management staff participate in a training program during their first year. As part of this training, they familiarize themselves with the company culture, learn about our many business lines and forge a network of internal contacts that are valuable for their own working relationships and well-being.



Within the first few months of joining the company, each Coface employee has access to a series of training programs offered by experienced company managers, qualified consultants and local specialists. Focusing mainly on risk underwriting, enhanced information, disputes and receivables collection, these programs provide an opportunity for the participants to improve their knowledge and learn the finer points of credit insurance.



Each year and in every country, we evaluate the performances and skills of our employees. This step makes it possible to offer them the broadest possible view of their own career development opportunities. It prepares each person to assume greater responsibilities within the Group. Employees promoted to positions of high responsibility receive personalized support combined with centralized career management.



Coface strives to offer an incentive-based compensation policy, which enables all employees to receive compensation commensurate to their degree of involvement. The Group therefore provides its most committed employees with additional variable compensation based on their performance as well as their contribution to the company’s earnings.

Combining diversity and excellence

HR key figures
  • More than 4,200 employees worldwide
  • 715 employees in Central Europe
  • 72 different nationalities
  • 56% women employees

With 72 nationalities represented in the Group, Coface naturally places a lot of importance on diversity. Such diversity is essential to enable us to offer customized services to companies in 66 countries while maintaining a reputation for excellence.


We understand that having employees with varied career tracks and profiles, who can understand local markets, is essential for our activity.


Gender parity is also a key emphasis of our human resources policy. Women make up 56% of our workforce, and five of our 12 senior executive positions are currently held by women.

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